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August 4, 2007
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                                                          Chapter 1:
                                                "The second dark lord"

After the scene got a little calmer and it was safe to assume the old man just fainted, most of the costumers got up and left, they were very busy demons and the coffee wasn't that good either.                                    
 Soon the only ones that remaind behind were Rose, Dan, Kat and the old man.                                                                       
Kat who was about to give CPR to the man but he didn't need to.      
Without warning, the man's eyes opened and after a while he slowly got up, using some of the chairs to brace himself.
"This is quite bad, quite bad indeed.", he said to himself.

"Um, sorry to interrupt you but whats bad?", Kat asked with a frightened tone in her voice.

The man told her in a harsh tone :"Something that you would keep your nose as far away from as you can if you are wise and hold your life dear!"

Rose then glared at the man and said, "You know who I am! you know what things I can deal with! and besides do you really think I'm going to leave before I get some answers?"

The man then thought this over for a few moments then deiced he was in a situation where letting out a few detailes would be the only way he could be back to his quiet rutine, he gasped and began to explain:

"You see... I've used to live on earth, but not the earth you know, I would have explained but most people find my words..... heavy.... let's just say this, Alternate Universes DO exist because I came from one.                    
It had quite a lot of differences from the one you three come from as I can only guess but I'd rather get on with the story."
Rose felt excitment runing through her, finally a strand of a clue.

"You see I was killed by the man you described dear lass, others who were killed by him told me that many now call him the second dark lord, Dick."                                                                                                                       At the sound of the name, the three young adults snorted and held back from bursting out into complete laugh.                                                                                   
The old man noticed and said: "You laugh at his name which sounds  funny, I admit, but his power is NOTHING to laugh about kiddos! Dick's power is something beyond the understanding of common sense, DO NOT underestimate him!"
Rose was geeting annoyed, Dick might be a funny name but it was practically dissappointing to know that such a dark being had such a common name.

"Now on with the story! When I died it was undecideable weather I deserve to go to heaven or hell and because no one knew what to do with me,  eventually they deiced to place me in a random underworld of a random dimension and forget about me! But you can be certain I won't forget Dick, he killed me just like he killed your babysitter, I was the very first human from his own earth that he killed that way, It left scars in my soul that would never heal! nightmares every night! also from what I heard you should not see your case as special! there were people that sadist tormented much more then you!""                 

The man then stopped and changed the position of his sitting and then remaind silent. When it was clear that he wasn't going to speak any more Rose decided to press further about this "Dick" person by adding:

The man just looked at her and said,"And what? I opened this coffee shop to feel I'm usefull here and what else you want to hear?.... that I think your mother and grandmother are hot? supermodel hot?!"

This earned the man a comical(but painfull) punch from Rose who then yelled "NO! I was talking about Dick!" The man slowly got up and then said, "Humph! if you are so interested in Dick, there's a bunch of people that know him just as well as I do if not better!"

"Who? Who?", Rose asked not hiding the excitement in her voice.

The man the answered, "Your grandparents!"

Rose froze for a few moments but then quickly summoned her tech scythe that she had nickednamed "sassy" in all the years she had it, took out her wallet and scanned though it until she found what she was looking for, took out an create card threw it to the man and said "Charge me". She then took her scythe and steed it to open a portal to her second home, she looked at her friends and said:
"Lets go!"

They then stepped though and left with out a trace, leaving the owner mumbling "Crazy kids!"

Meanwhile, in the town of Vickson, Ohio, a portal opened in one of the houses and out of it stepped Dan, Kat, and Rose.                                     
She had taken them to her house.                                                                     
She then turned to them and said: "I want both of you to go home, I'll go back and ask grandma Mandy and grandpa Grim more about this Dick guy!"                                                                                                                    
Both friends did just that willingly, deciding that they really didn't want to get mixed up in this adventure this time.                                                 
Rose was then off to the underworld, if her grandparents know Dick then it's certain that they wouldn't be happy to have him at their realm, this might be her only chance to avenge Alex, she has some powers beyong imagination of her own, time for them to finally find a match!

And back in the underworld's capitol, in the giagntic palace of the Grim reaper, Grim was putting his head back on his shoulders after his wife used it as a bowling ball if she wasn't talking in the phone he would have had to tolerate a second round.                                                                                                  
Grim left to the living room, which was just near the entry hall, when he arrived he was greeted by his son and doughter in law who came for tea earlier.      
Grim was never able to find something to say to his son Jr. when he was with his wife, she scared him almost as much as his own if not more with her crabby hands, and devilish looks, not to mention those creepy red eyes that like always pirced through him.                                                               
Mandy broke the silence saying that she just spoke with Rose and she should be here soon, Grim was happy to hear that, he always felt she was his most understanding relative even if he didn't show it towards her.
Grim's hopes came true sooner then he thought as a knock was heard on the palace doors, it was Junior who came runing ahead of all to embrace his doughter.                                                                                                    
The doors opened slowly and Jr. thrown himself forward while shouting:"sweetheart!" but something was wrong.
Jr. was punched in his chest by a round silvery object and was thrown all the way back to the sofa, the palace filled with cold as a cold voice said in a mocking tone:
"I am really touched by the gesture Grim Jr....honestly.... but try to avoid from using it on the very first meeting!"

And in complete naturality, Dick walked inside the palace, followed like always by darkness and cold, the white shine of his teeth, penetrating the shadows beneath his bowler hat in the form of a viciuos smile.
Really first episode, the plot thickenes, most of it was written by :iconbob-dude: except for the part in Grim's palace

Grim and mandy (c) CN
Grim Jr. and Her (c) Bleedman
Rose, dan abd kat (c) Bob dude
Dick (c) Me and :iconcgi1:

prologue- [link]
Chapter 2- [link]
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AOdinn Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007
Quite nice, I enjoyed reading it. Well done :)
Eylam Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007
Me and :iconbob-dude: thank you, I hope you'll enjoy the next one as well!
bob-dude Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2007  Student Writer
Now he is at Snafu, being just as assy as ever.
cgi1 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2007
I'm charmed sweetheart! a very nice touch.... (and I suggest you send your co' the story of what happened to the last person who though Dick's name was funny...)
Eylam Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2007
I care for him too much, I don't want him to have nightmares
cgi1 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2007
and... I meant so he can understand way nobody laugh at the name... not that I'm going to chop him in to pieces... (like that guy...)
Eylam Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2007
Well, even Duck dosen't have the power to know about everyone who laughs about his name(he is far from being the only Dick in the world after all)
cgi1 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2007
c. after the mentioned event very little people who has some sense dared to laugh at his name
cgi1 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2007
a. D-U-K-E-!?
b. he can sense when he is mentioned (and he has a whole sub unit of the department of espionage who's sole purpose is to monitor the use of his name, he don't take kindly to people laughing at him)
cgi1 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2007
your such a goody goody to shoes... caring about someone... Huh!
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