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                                                    Chapter 2:
                                    “The grim reaper's worst debt"

Outside of the grim reaper's palace, at the underworld's capitol, a portal opened and through it came a tall brown haired young woman, Rose.
As soon as she closed the gate with her high tech-scythe, she began to run towards the gates of the palace, she was waiting for answers for 19 years and she will not wait a spare moment!
She found the doors opened and heard a voice with a Jamaican accent, her grandfather, the grim reaper was introducing someone:

"And ‘tis is me' wife, Mandy! Queen o' teh underworld!"

Her grandmother's cold voice was heard:

"How do you do?"

"Quite fine thank you! Grim! I believe it is now my turn to be introduced!"

Rose froze an inch before the doors, that voice! That cold heartless voice!
Even after 19 years it was recognizable!

Rose stormed through the doors and looked around the room:
Her father, Grim Jr. was sitting on the couch, still wearing that same dark set of cloths, his one eye was a little shaky.
Her mother, "Her", was sitting near Jr. with an intrigued look on her blood red eyes.
Her grandfather, Grim, was standing, trying to look as impressive as he can (though his skeletony legs were shaking so much that it looked as if his cloak was vibrating).
Her grandmother, Mandy, still blond and beautiful after all the years of her life, looked completely unconcerned and even bored, she was just backing her hand away after it was politely kissed.
And the hand kisser himself was just getting out of his bow, it was Dick alright! Rose recognized him even from behind.

She was full of fury, she could feel her skin becomes red, horns growing through her long hair, crab pincers growing in stead of hands and her hight changing upwards, she summoned her scythe and charged.
Her grandfather can explain things once Dick is dead!

She was closing in, her blade only a few more meters from Dick's bare neck, when suddenly all turned dark.
She crashed into something, something hard as steel, it closed on her from all sides and lifted her up, she could see again and now she found herself in the grasp of a giant metal hand of a giant metal.... giant?

Dick finally turned around and said:

"Good! No need to introduce your granddaughter Grim, we met earlier today!"

Rose struggled to talk but the hand was too tight on her chest for her to gather enough air, Dick continued to talk, this time he sounded a little show-offy:

"I should introduce my companion, this is Danezer, my warden, he is a battle giant who is very loyal to me, I summoned him here not only to make sure your grandchild acts nicely but also to..."

Rose managed to gather the air and shouted:


The hand pressured further on her chest and she wasn't able to get another word without suffocating.
A great thundery voice was suddenly heard from beneath the giant's helmet:


Dick smiled and pointed at one of the couches, it was pushed towards him and he sat on it comfortably, the rest of the people in the room were all staring at him, then he said:

"Oh yes! I forgot that you were about to introduce me to your relatives Grim! How rude of me! A thousand apologies! Do proceed!"

Grim's jaw fell to the ground, literally, he stood there for a few moments doing nothing but staring from Dick to Rose in Danezer's hand.
Only after a very strong elbow to the ribs by Mandy did Grim pick up his jaw, reattached it and began to speak.
Everyone’s eyes pointed at him, he looked as if he was pointed on by a spotlight (Rose saw that it was Danezer's right eye, it seemed to shine like a spotlight while his left one was not visible through the eye slits in Danezer's helmet).

"Umm...Yes!! Am! Ti's is.... Dick!"

Everyone kept looking at him with shock (except for Dick who looked amused, Danezer whose expressions were not visible and Mandy who buried her face in her palm), Grim kept muttering:

"We....We.... Met in...In one of Lucifer’s party's! He’s an aquantice! An’ a good friend o' Lucifer! We meet in events once in a while!"

"I never met him!" Said Mandy with an annoyed tone

"Actually you did!" Said Dick "A few years ago at Nergal's party, I believe you were drunk!"

Grim, Grim jr. "Her" and Rose all muttered "typical” under their breaths at the same time.
Mandy looked murderous, Dick looked entertained, Danezer’s grip seemed to loosen a little bit but Rose was too dizzy out of the lack of air to try and release herself.
Just when it looked like Mandy is about to do something painful, Grim broke the silence by saying:

“So… anyone wants some tea?”

Dick raised his hand and said:

“It would be lovely, I’ll take one sugar please! And do be hurry, we have things to discuss!”

“I’ll have one too! No sugar…Darling!” said Mandy, clearly pissed by Grim’s disturbance if judging by her tone and stare.
Grim lifted his scythe, waved it and two teacups appeared out of nowhere, one reached Mandy who drained it with one sip and the other reached Dick who held it and gave a few small and polite sips.
It began to get stormy outside and Grim Jr. went to close the window (walking on his tiptoes for unknown reasons), Rose was just about to say something when Dick finished another sip and spoke:

“The cleaver of you might have guessed that this is no social visit”

He gave another sip during which “Her” spoke to him:

“I understand that my daughter’s potential behavior might encourage you to keep her in her currant state, but I promise you that I’ll keep an eye on her once you let her go!”

Dick looked at her and then at Rose and finally at Danezer’s spotlight eye, he nodded and Danezer released Rose to the floor where her mother picked her up and took her to the couch where she was placed comfortably between her parents.
Dick spoke again after another sip of tea:

“I came to inform you Grim that you owe me a debt, and I am here to collect!”

“What?!” shouted everyone at the same time, all giving Grim a sudden very angry look, he responded by saying:

“Ey! Even I am not stupid enough to have a debt to ‘tis guy!”

“But you are stupid enough to have a debt to the Devil!”

Everyone looked at Grim again with anger, Dick kept talking, a sound of sadistic pleasure in his voice:

“You let it slip near him that you are adding sand to your dear wife’s hourglass and he convinced the “superior authorities” to leave the punishment for him to give in the form of a debt!”

Dick smiled:

“The freedom of you and all the relatives of yours who came from the pairing with Mandy! Even those connected just by marriage! Or not alive to be here!”

He was referring to Minnie Mandy of course, who was Jr.’s sister and Rose’s aunt and was presently dead in heaven even though she was revived once, but she returned to heaven eventually.

“I know that he never claimed the debt because he realized that Hell is not so different from the underworld except it’s hot, and that you will be reunited with a certain lost dear one!”

They all bowed their heads, except for Mandy who said:

“It’s good to hear some truth around here! But how exactly are you involved in all of this?”

Dick suddenly pulled a small pack from his coat and pulled out of it a deck of cards, playing all sorts of dealing games with them while saying:

“Let’s say that Lucifer never had a very good poker face! He had a high stakes Texas hold’em game last night and he lost! So in order to lighten his debt to me, he transferred your debt to him to me!”

He sat and finished his tea, meanwhile Mandy, “Her” and Rose sneaked very frightening looks at Grim who seemed to become smaller by the second, Grim Jr. then asked with a shaky voice:

“And… h…how are you going to collect… the…d…debt?”

Dick got up and strode near to Danezer while saying

“I’m glad you asked! Well, you have two choices, first one is to be locked forever in my realm of darkness, dear Danezer here always wanted me to give him some proper subjects for him to experiment new torture techniques on!”

Danezer seemed suddenly even larger then before, his spotlight was passing coldly among the family members, Mandy was about to speak when Dick spoke first, and this time there was excitement in his voice:

“The other option is a dual, a dual to the death between me and her!”

He pointed at Rose

“I’ll even make it simpler, all she really has to do to win, is knock me out cold, makes it even harder for me then for her isn’t it?”

Rose couldn’t believe it, has fate really granted her what she wished for so fast?

“An’ why do you want te’ fight her?” asked Grim

“For the same reason that I did what makes this girl so anxious now to fulfill her part in this option with great pleasure! The same act that made her so vengeful towards me!”

“An’ it is?”


Mandy raised her eyebrows while saying “Practice?!”

Dick looked at her:

“Why yes! I do not believe in unpractical training, but I’m afraid the though opponents in my world are running short at the moment, if I am to stay in shape and keep my powers fresh in mind, I need to face a challenging opponent! Whose better then this hybrid of powerful outworldly species that is so willing to end my life?! Who was better then a powerful girl like Alexandra back then?!”

“Let’s do it! I’ll knock you off and then kill you in such pains you will beg me to hurry!” shouted Rose, even though she was still hurt.

“Easy now Rose Mary!” said Dick “This is not only up to you!” He looked at Grim who stared at his feet for a few moments before saying:

“Would you mind giving me a few moments to t’ink it over? Alone?”

Dick nodded and said:

“Take your time! I’d rather not leave in such a weather anyway!”

Grim left to another room, Dick laid on the couch, Danezer pulled a huge Axe and began to sharpen it and Rose dared to ask meanwhile:

“How did you know about me? And about Alex?”

Dick smiled again, he seemed to be complimented by the interest:

“Let’s say that I had friends, friends who were intrigued by death, those friends had the means to know about certain things that happen in other worlds and underworlds.
I came to know about your babysitter’s use of old Chinese magic, it was only a matter of time before she would have used it to manipulate time and space, thus tipping me off to her location!”

Rose realized it now, the trip to the field near the stream, it was already then that her beloved Alex doomed herself.
Dick said:

“I know you must be thinking I’m a monster, that I am the worst foe you ever came to face when it comes to evilness, I am complimented of course! But don’t flatter yourself thinking that I see you in a similar way”

Rose still couldn’t move so well, she could barely close her pincers, but she spoke in a strong hateful voice:

“Yes! I’ve heard that there were people that suffered worse things from you then I did!”


“Well! But then I must be the strongest one of your enemies who is still alive, I’ll take their vengeance for them!”

“I’m afraid that we come from two very different worlds Rose Mary, I still have worse enemies among the living! They simply use wit more then skill during combat, not much of a practice!”

“Her” was the next to talk she sounded rather assertive:

“But you do give us a loophole! I mean! Surely someone knocked you out in battle before! Right?!”

Dick seemed to ignore her for a few moments, then he pulled his deck of cards again and said:

“This conversation begins to bore me!” he threw a set of cards towards all those who were present in the room  (including Danezer who had to scrap them from the floor with his axe) and said in a greedy voice:

“Texas hold’em? … Anyone?”

Meanwhile, at a small Room in the back of the castle, Grim was walking from one end of the room to the other, deep in thought, suddenly, a voice came from the shadows:

“You wish your granddaughter will stay alive yet you also want to preserve your family’s freedom but you know how dangerous Dick is!”

The voice came from a cloaked figure that was sitting in the shadows, Grim’s advisor:

“And you think that you have been pushed into a tight corner!”

Grim buried his face in his palm and said:

“Am I not?! No matter what I choose t’e rest of t’e family will hate me for eternity!”

“Perhaps! Or maybe you could offer an alternative!”

Grim looked at him and answered in anger:

“Don’t you understand?! There is no othe’ alternative!”

“Perhaps not a visible one, but did you come to notice that Dick has a very interesting way of getting certain debts paid? Hmmm?”

Grim scratched his skull and gave the advisor a confused look, the advisor answered:

“Have you not noticed that he is willing to consider debts as currency by themselves?”

Grim walked to the window and looked at the rain outside

“But, who is there o’ owes me E’s life?! I am t’e grim reaper! T’e angel of death!”

Then suddenly it stroke him, he turned to his advisor and said:

“Quickly! bring me a telephone!”

“Do not worry Grim, let me take care of it!”

A few minutes later Grim strode joyfully into the guest room and after spotting Dick he came and whispered something in his ear, Dick nodded and said aloud:

“But only if they come here really soon! Your wife is the only one here with a proper poker face!”

Three strong knocks were heard on the door, Grim Jr. was about to get up but Dick lifted his hand and Jr. froze in his place.
Dick pointed his cane at the Door just as a lightning was seen in the sky to reveal a tall white haired man and a small white haired girl standing at the doorway, both of them had something very scary in their stare.
Ohhh is it getting crowded in here or is it just me?
Let's approach this like a comic page:
Does Lucifer really has a bad poker face?
Will Grim Jr. call Dick sweetheart again?
Who is Grim's advisor?
Does he know good pizza places?
And how can you play Texas Hold'em with a giant in the size of a multifloor house?

Answers for some of these questions will be given SOON

Rose (C) Bob-dude
Grim and Mandy (C) CN
Grim Jr., Her, Minnie Mandy and other characters (C) Bleedman
Dick (C) Me and :iconcgi1:

Chapter 1- [link]
Chapter 3- [link]
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